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The changing landscape in procurement, international opportunities and the use of data in schools

28 November 2017


13:30 – 14.00:  Registration and refreshments

14.00 – 14:15:  Chair’s introduction and welcome

Ed Tranham, Editor, The Assignment Report.

14:15 – 15:15:  Panel session 1 - How are suppliers adjusting to the evolving procurement role of Multi Academy Trusts and the growth of online ordering?

  • How is the central procurement function evolving within MATs?
  • What services and products are most likely to be procured centrally to help drive the government’s efficiency agenda?
  • How have suppliers changed their sales and marketing model as schools join MATs?
  • How do suppliers execute an effective online ordering strategy?

Chair:  Rupert Barclay, Managing Partner, Cairneagle Associates.

Panellist 1: Julian Drinkall, CEO, Academies Enterprise Trust.

Panellist 2: Paul Howells, CEO, Eteach Group.

Panellist 3: Chris Mahady, Managing Director, Findel Education.

15:15 – 16:15:  Panel session 2 - How are suppliers adapting their products and services to meet growing international opportunities?

  • What are international school groups buying from the UK and other countries?
  • What is the procurement process?
  • How do suppliers adapt their product for the different needs of international customers?
  • What are the implications for the sales and delivery model for suppliers?
  • How do suppliers price in international markets?

Chair: Caroline Wright, Director General, BESA.

Panellist 1: Charles Robinson, Development Director, International Schools Partnership.

Panellist 2: Theodore King, CEO, Faria Education Group.

Panellist 3: Saul Nassé, Chief Executive, Cambridge English Language

16:15 – 16:45:  Refreshments

16:45 – 17:45: Panel session 3 - How are Multi Academy Trusts using data to improve student outcomes and teacher effectiveness, and what are the implications for suppliers?

  • How are MATs using data to improve student outcomes?
  • What systems are MATs using to support school improvement and improve teacher effectiveness?
  • What are the implications for product and service development?
  • What are the barriers to meeting the requirements of MATs and teachers and how are they being overcome?

Chair: Mehool Sanghrajka, Chief Executive, Learning Possibilities.

Panellist 1: Rich Davies, Director of Insight, Ark.

Panellist 2: Phil Neal, Customer Advocacy Director, Capita SIMS;

Panellist 3: Peter Dabrowa, CEO, Wonde.

17:45 – 19:00:  Wine and canape reception