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Twinkl - The Assignment Report UK Education Company of the Year 2017

publication date: Dec 31, 2017

Twinkl, the Sheffield-based publisher of online primary and secondary teaching resources, is The Assignment Report’s UK Education Company of the Year 2017.

Co-founded in 2010 by Jonathan Seaton, CEO, and Susie Seaton, Twinkl has grown from a small enterprise operating on an “after work” basis to an educational publisher of over 400,000 downloadable subscription-based teaching, planning and assessment materials.

In recent years, Twinkl’s teacher-created content, which includes lesson packs, PowerPoints and display materials, has become the “go to” resource for UK primary teachers. New resources are added daily, and the platform’s Twinkl Create tool enables online content to be personalised.

During 2017, the company continued to grow and invest in new products, despite challenging market conditions in the UK schools sector, launching Twinkl Go, a new set of teaching materials for KS1/2 for use on desktop and mobile devices, new English resources for KS3/4, all matched to the National Curriculum aims and programmes of study for different exam boards, and Twinkl Book Club, a new range of original books available in print format.

The company also publishes online resources for over 15 other curriculums around the world, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UAE and US. In September 2017, Twinkl opened a second office in Australia, the company’s largest market outside the UK.

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