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Serco extend Walsall contract for further 12 years

publication date: Aug 2, 2008
author/source: Ed Tranham

Serco has signed a new £345m, 12-year contract to continue to provide education and children’s services in Walsall. This follows a recent Annual Performance Assessment, which judged the education services provided by Serco as ‘good’. Similarly, the recent Joint Area Review assessed services for children and young people in Walsall to have shown sustained improvement, with the services provided by Serco since 2001 judged to be in a ’strong state’.

Under the contract, Serco will continue to deliver education support services to the Council, Walsall’s 119 schools and other stakeholders. Serco will also introduce a number of new initiatives intended to support and contribute to Walsall’s economic and social regeneration, including supporting a Business Incubation centre, a young persons’ apprenticeship scheme, and the location of up to 200 other Serco posts within the borough.

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